a team in last year’s robotics class forgot to comment out a line of joke code so during the final their robot completed the assigned task in autonomous mode, stopped directly in front of the professor, printed “HEADED HOME, MOTHERFUCKERS” to its LCD, and drove back to base


The Disrespectful Summons (complete) by Edward Gorey



Oh. Oh hey.

You know how Jade prototyped her dog guardian, right? And then all Bec’s instincts to love and protect Jade completely steamrollered PM and Jack’s previous motivations, right? That is a major plot point and everything.

My question is this.

How much do you suppose the Black King, 11 x prototyped with giant hideous deadly terrifying Alternian monsters, truly wanted to see the beta troll players dead by his efforts

when it came to the end.

oh god the lusii ;____________;

…he probably did very much want them dead by his hands, but just very conflictedly?

I could very well be thinking about fanon, but I was under the impression that lusii were very protective of their charge, but only their charge. Which would make more sense since troll society is built on violence & not really social in the way that primates are- so that protective instinct probably wouldn’t extend to their charge’s friends the way a human would protect their child’s friends. And if said friends were attacking the lusus, the lusus would have two very strong motivations to a) not be killed and b) not leave their charge without a lusus to care for it.

So there was probably a lot of flickering back and forth between THREAT KILL IT KILL THE THREAT and MY DEAR SWEET SUGARGRUB I COULD NEVER HURT YOU depending on which lusii’s motivations were coming across the strongest at any given time!